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Designing for the future: Lifestyle & Beauty trends we need to consider now

Designing for the future: Lifestyle & Beauty trends we need to consider now

July 26, 2017

Hey guys! This is so odd right, a post on a Wednesday?! I know. It’s out of the ordinary, but I’ve been thinking a lit lately and drawing a lot too. Often when I draw I just improvise, draw how I’m feeling, or just whatever my mind decides to create. A lot of the time I get left with some small sketches and others, large paintings then sometimes some futuristic creation. And it got me thinking, what will things be like in the future? As even though I may think some of my sketches are flat out weird and unrealistic, it could be the kind of design considered normal in the future. I’m really into Art & Design so thinking about what it will be like in a couple of decades, or even a couple of years both scares and excites me. People years ago thought that we would have flying cars. Instead we have cars like Tesla’s which drive themselves which still shows progress in the world of design. I’m just really curious to see how our lifestyle’s will change and beauty trends/standards as design advances.

I’ve been to so many art galleries with my friends and see so much amazing artwork and design. I can’t help but imagine that some of the art pieces reflect what could be designs of the future. The pictures above are from a mixture of two galleries. I’ve seen some more abstract designs too and what some may view as illogical and abstract now, may be the basis of design in say 20 years time.

If you think about it, new trends are being made everyday without us even realising it. Take feathered eyebrows for example. This trend was introduced and caused much controversy, but nevertheless got people thinking about alternate ways of beauty and new innovative designs when it comes to makeup. Beauty in itself can be very experimental and I feel is definitely one of the fastest developing fields. Despite the feathered eyebrow not being as accepted now, it may be the hottest trend in the future. Similar to the way how larger lips were not “trending” or seen as beautiful in the past, but now fast forwarding, it is one the beauty trends at the moment. I feel that is another thing to always bare in mind too, that design can also repeat it self or be reintroduced at a later date.

As for our lifestyles. I think with how fast technology is moving forward, it’s hard to predict what will happen next year let alone in 10. Leading technology designers like Apple are already giving us those futuristic vibes with wireless headphones and all the other fancy features on their latest models. With such high standards in 2017, who’s to say that in a decade design would have advanced so much to the point where we have wifi where ever we go. Wifi belts, or little holograms for our phones or even completely cordless, hands-free and device free communication. These are just crazy ideas that pop into my head but they could be a reality.


I think it’s exciting not knowing how quickly or slowly our design development will be. It keeps us on our toes, keeps us guessing. And who knows, maybe something that I listed above, could be a design of the future?






P.S: I have some super fun posts coming up for the Summer guys! I have so much more time to write for my blog now as well. Let me know if there are any particular posts you would like to see too. Byesies! Xxx


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