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7 Tips For Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

7 Tips For Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

November 15, 2017

Hey guys! Now I don’t know about you guys but I’ve tried fake lashes and found it super difficult. The lash band would never sit right in my inner corner so naturally I thought about how cool and just overall convenient it would be to have eyelash extensions. I mean I’ve never had them personally but those that I know who have, have either said that they last forever or not at all. I think that extensions are the easiest option for those who are just too busy to be putting on mascara every day, or in my case too lazy! I know that a simple session with a specialist can leave you with those beautiful, fluttery, full lashes.

But, just like all good things, you need to take care of your lashes if you are to get the most out of them. Below, we have the best tips to make sure your extensions last a little longer between touch-up sessions so you can make the most out of them!

1. Consider Going Lighter

The thicker your last extensions are, the heavier they are going to be, and the more they will fall out or peel. Asking your lash specialist for lighter individual lashes which tend to ensure that they stay in longer than their heavier counterparts.

2. Avoid the Eye

While things like night cream help you to wake up with a gorgeous, plum complexion, it doesn’t do your lashes any favours. That’s because the oils from the cream break up the glue, resulting in the lashes falling out. So, try your best to avoid the eye area if you use night creams and avoid any unnecessary fidgeting in the eye region.

3. Use the Sealer

By applying the eyelash sealer every day, you will keep the lashes in place for longer. Choose a sealer with ingredients like hyaluronic acrylic serums to help condition your natural lashes and keep your extensions place. You can get eyelash extensions at Hair and Lash Envy and various other beauty stores.

4. Try to Sleep on Your Back

Did you know that if you sleep with your face squished into the pillow, it can cause the extensions to fall out sooner? So, it’s better to try and sleep on your back to keep those lashes in place for longer and maintaining their shape.

5. The Curl Factor

Having lashes that are a similar shape to your natural lashes is key. If you opt for incredible curls and your natural lashes are ruler-straight, they’re more likely to fall off because they may not sit right on you lashline. Having your beautician apply lashes that work well with your eye shape and curl of you lashes will really help to make your lashes last so much longer!

6. Don’t Use Waterproof Mascara

Even though you won’t have to wear mascara over your eyelash extensions, you may want to add a little drama to a look now and then. If so, stay away from waterproof mascaras as they tend to be tricky to remove and tugging at it is just not good for your extensions.

7. Don’t Be So Rough

Try to avoid touching your eyes and around them as much as you can. If you need to remove eye makeup, opt for a mild soap that is low in alkaline and always use oil-free makeup remover. After a shower, you can blow-dry the lashes, if you want to, using the coolest and lightest setting, and then brush them down and out as lightly as possible without putting pressure on them.

I really want to get lash extensions at some point. I mean they will save me so much hassle and for only a couple of things to do to make sure they last, I think it’s worth it. Have you guys ever had lash extensions? How did you find it?

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