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The Perfect Copper Pigment || BangGood Review *

The Perfect Copper Pigment || BangGood Review *

July 30, 2017

Hey guys! Since it’s Summer I’m trying to change up my makeup as much as possible and make the most of all the makeup I own. I have recently bought a few more items to add to my collection as well kindly being sent some for PR. BangGood were kind enough to offer to send me a couple a beauty items from their site. I have mentioned them before when I reviewed their Rose Gold Brushes but today I have 2 of their cosmetic products to try! Today I will be a gorgeous copper eye glitter and a kohl black eyeliner and you guys know that I love my eyeliners!

For those of you who don’t know about BangGood, they are an online store which stock products over a range of categories. They kindly gifted me their Loose Pigment in #10 Copper which retails at £5.10 and the Miss Rose Matte Black Eyeliner Pen which retails at £4.39. They are both at really nice affordable prices, so lets have a closer look at the products in detail.

The packaging of this product as you can see is really classy and sleek. It is matte black with gold detailing and writing as well as a magnetic closure too. As you can see the product is shaped into a sharp point which is really good for precision, however it might be hard to maintain the precision once the product wears down and becomes flat. The formula is incredibly creamy like a kohl liner and has a really opaque colour. The swatches that you see above are using only one swipe of the product so you can see how intense the colour is and applying different amounts of pressure can help determine the thickness achieved.

The aspect of this liner that I really like is it’s blendablity. You could create such a beautiful smoky eye using this liner or add some more depth in the outer corner of an eye look for example. When blended, it doesn’t go patchy but instead remains opaque.

BangGood also sent over their Loose Pigment in #10 Copper. It is a really vibrant copper glitter pigment which came securely packaged in a small box which was also previously wrapped in plastic.

Again, the design of the packaging is incredibly sleek and on the bottom of the box it displays the shade name, number and a picture of the colour. The container for the product comes about 3/4 of the way full, which is to be expected for a glitter. The pigment is not chunky at all but instead is really smooth on the lid. I tested this product using both a dry and damp brush. I found that the damp brush worked far better, not because it made it more pigmented, but it just felt more secure on my lid. There is minimal to no fall out when using this pigment which I didn’t expect as since it’s a glitter I thought there would be a lot more fall out. The pigment didn’t crease on my eyelids at all throughout the day and maintained its original position on my lid for the entirety that I had my makeup on for.

As you can see from the above swatch (dry) it very very pigmented and smooth looking. However, because I swatched this dry without using a damp brush, you can see the pigment isn’t as closely stuck together as you can see on the right of the picture. Overall the Loose Pigment in #10 Copper I think is absolutely incredible and at £5.10 you can’t go wrong!


I think it’s always nice to see what other beauty products there are out there aside from the mainstream beauty brands. BangGood is definitely a good place to find these brands and at really good prices too, I’m sure a lot of them are good dupes for high end products too. I hope you are all having a fabulous summer by the way! Let me know what you’re getting up to in the comments and I shall speak to you all again soon!







P.S: I’ve had such a jam packed few weeks. I need to have a bit of a rest for a day or two but I’m so ready for more Summer plans! Byesies! Xxxx

*The products featured in this post were kindly gifted to me for review, but all opinions are completely my own.*

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